2019- 2018

The project questions the first sexual experiences and their relation to the violent social metamorphosis that follows the series of wars in the Middle East from 1939 until today. The work is based on testimonies of persons from different generations from Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The installation is an immersive experience in intimate memories swaying between the fiction and the documentary.

The space is conceived as stations where the visitor can listen to the stories of the personas. Each station is an interactive space that is linked, created and constructed from personal objects of these personas. Each space highlights the relation of these objects to the voice and the sounds of the story itself, its time-space and historical frame.

The project has been presented at the Globe Aroma space in Brussels, at the Dar El Nemr gallery in Beirut, at Napoli Teatro Festival, and at Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen.

Click here : this video is a part of the installation

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